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Let me start up a new site for you,
or I can re-energize your existing site!

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Who I Am

I am a disabled native american army and navy veteran who served two tours overseas during seven years of service.
In 2003, I designed and laid out the various parts of my first website. I have since created numerous websites as a hobby.
I am expanding my work to a semi-professional level WITHOUT charging hundreds of dollars by using templates to create professional, responsive, sites that are easy to navigate (some designers use templates without your knowledge).


What I Do

I am able to create a variety of website layouts including:
> A "color-filled" site (sample here),
> A "Crisp, Clean, and Professional" appearance, or
> A "whimsical and lighthearted, yet easy to navigate.
This is all done through the use of various templates.
The Greywolf's Den received the award to the right.
For screen shots, scroll down, or click on "My Work" above.


Types of pages

I am able to create a variety of webpage or website layouts.
> Flash pages: typically use dark backgrounds, have moving lights or images, and load slower.     This site is a Flash site.
> CSS based pages: are beneficial for larger sites with multiple pages because when a change is made to the css file, it effects all the pages on the site.     Click here to view a CSS based site.
> "Standard" xhtml pages: are good for single page or small sites because all changes have to be applied to each and every page.


My Work

Click on the image to enlarge. Press "Escape" to close.
To view the site, just copy and paste the address in your browser (the picture is already a link to a larger picture).

My Fees

Fees are based on the layout; flash, css, or xhtml.
Additionally, they will depend on the complexity involved.
A sales based site with numerous products, pricing, a shopping cart, and taxes, the cost will increase.
Once your needs are determined, I present you with the final cost.
NOTE: Hosting services are not included, although we can discuss hosting prices, or I can guide you to a reliable hosting service provider.